Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Meeting Cinderella

Miss Diva handed Cinderella her autograph book and Cinderella was so happy to sign. Madisyn was excited to see he beautiful glass shoes....

Miss Diva and Maelyn with Cinderella

Ride....It's a small world

This ride was a boat ride. I love the fact that there is a specific boat for riders in wheelchairs or such. They thought of everything here...ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

I really enjoyed this ride, clam, peaceful and there was nice music for the kids to enjoy.......

Miss Diva enjoying the ride. She was so happy and excited to finally be at Disney that smile!

Weeman and Baba enjoying the ride. He loved the dancing characters.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Magic Kingdom...main street

magic Kingdom...meeting Tinkerbell

Going into "Pixie Hallow". All the purple you see is lights. This was so well designed and make it very magical for the kids.
 Just about to meet Tinkerbell...Madisyn was excited....she couldn't believe she was going to meet Tink
 Tink signing her autograph book for her...Madisyn kept starring at can see her doing this in the picture. It's like she couldn't believe her fun to watch her
                                              All the kids with Tinkerbell inside pixie hallow
 All of us with Tinkerbell...the kids, parents and there is a friend and a grandparent.
                                                              Dru loved Tinkerbell....
Madisyn getting just one more hug from Tinkerbell before we had to move on and go meet the next Princess.......I LOVE the smile on her face. This is worth a million dollars.

Magic Kingdom ...meeting Mickey mouse

Magic Kingdom....

The first sign I could capture with Disney on it....I was so excited. I think I was worse than the kids.

 All the kids...excluding James who was already at a different these girls and the little man so much.
 The very famous castle....Madisyn screamed with excitement when she saw this for the very first time. I love to see my kids happy and excited.....
 The ferry across to the island to the magic kingdom.....Dru loved the boat ride
 Miss Diva scanning in with her band...she loved how it turned green around like Mickey's head...oh the little memories
Baba getting ready to scan you like the shirt I bought him? I thought it was a perfect shirt for you baba.

Disney......The house and club house

We really enjoyed our vacation in Florida....The kids had a blast and cannot wait until we get to do it again. This is all very new to weeman. It was interesting to watch him explore this new world around him. Touching the big leaves, the warm rocks floating down the lazy river. Life is great when you have great friends to spend it will.

                                                   Little Dru by the lazy River
                                                   me and my babies...I am so blessed
  This is the house we rented....thishouse is huge inside and to big for me. I thought about cleaning all those bathrooms and thank you. I will keep my little house!
 Weeman playing in the water fro the hot tub....did I mention that we were a little spoiled for this week.
                                                     Miss Diva and her little friend Ailee
                                    Miss Diva and her little friend Maelyn running off to play.